Deutscher Walmsley Range
Deutscher Rose II Floorline
Deutscher "Rose (II)"  & "Lucy" Floorline
Deutscher "Rose (II)" & "Lucy" Floorline
The Rose (II) floor line / ultra-low bed is specially designed to lower the patient to floor level, thereby negating the need for side rails and minimizing the ...
Deutscher Walmsley (DW) - Home Care
Deutscher Walmsley (DW) - Home Care
This series of home care beds have been designed and manufactured in Australia to give you years of trouble free service. The bed has a strong steel frame w...
Mental Health Bed Range
Mental Health Bed Range
The mental health bed has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of mental health institutions. It has a strong steel frame and welds that have bee...
Walmsley WM Series - Commercial Care
Walmsley WM Series - Commercial Care
The WM Series is our commercial quality range of medical beds and like all the Deutscher manufactured beds, it has been designed, made and tested in Australia, ...

Deutscher Healthcare

Deutscher Healthcare manufacture a range of Walmsley & Rose electrically operated beds for the aged care and home care market.

These medical beds are designed to meet safety, reliability and user comfort standards and to also meet the requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Association. As such, Deutscher Healthcare is registered as a TGA approved supplier of medical equipment.

The Walmsley bed operates as a Hi-Low bed and, as an alternative to the standard size, a wider version is available for those wanting a little more room.

The Rose bed is a floorline bed. As such, it has the capacity to be lowered to the floor for patient safety and raised up when the client requires attention from a carer or medical professional.  A  King Single, or wider version is also available.  
The Walmsley and Rose beds are fully designed, manufactured and tested in Ballarat, Australia and have a range of accessories available to suit customer’s requirements.

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