Rose II Bed Floorline
Rose II Bed Floorline
Rose II Bed Floorline
Rose II Bed Floorline
Rose II Bed Floorline
Rose II Bed Floorline
Rose II Bed Floorline
Rose II Bed Floorline
Rose II Bed Floorline
Rose II Bed Floorline
Rose II Bed Floorline
Rose II Bed Floorline
Rose II Bed Floorline
Rose II Bed Floorline
Rose II Bed Floorline
Rose II Bed Floorline
Rose II Bed Floorline
Rose II Bed Floorline
Extra Details
Standard Single Size 900 x 1930mm
King Single Size 1070 x 2030mm
125 to 750mm (Top of mattress platform)
Dual castor brake and direction lock 100mm
Fitted on the footend tower
Powder coating – Pearl White
220kg (includes client and bedding)
Handset 5499 and keypad built into footend tower
10 years for Frame / 3 years for electrical system
Standard Cherry Red. Other colours available
Single 2300mm King Single 2400mm
3 Bar side rail Single Bed
4 Bar side rail Single Bed
3 bar side rails King Single Bed
4 bar side rails King Single Bed
Self help pole and handle
Self Help Pole Socket
Straight bed stick
Mattress retainers
Folding bed sticks
Under bed lighting
Battery backup
CPR Function and magnetic lock out
Back light and magnetic lock out
50mm Bolt in Mattress Base Extender

Rose (II) Bed (Floorline)

The Rose (II) floor line / ultra-low bed is specially designed to lower the patient to floor level, thereby negating the need for side rails and minimizing the bed height in the event of an accidental fall from the bed. One significant feature of the bed is that the mattress base can be folded in the middle for easy transport and storage.

This bed has a strong steel frame which has been tested to safely support a rated load of 220kg. The height range of this bed is 12.5cm – 72cm (measured from the top of the mattress platform). The standard single Rose II bed has a mattress width of 90cm and length of 193cm. The Rose II is also available in a King Single size with a mattress width of 107cm and length of 203cm. Both sizes are standard with adjustable backrest and knee bend.

The foot end bed tower has a built in bed control panel allowing the carer to operate all functions of the bed. The provision of a corded remote operating handset is also provided, which plugs into the control box situated under the head end of the mattress base. This allows the patient to operate the bed if required. The foot end tower also has a mounting bar to support a mattress air pump, providing a point for the pump to be placed and preventing it from being accidentally crushed if the bed is lowered to the floor. Both backrest & knee bend actuators are supported under the mattress base and do not come into contact with the ground when the bed is lowered. The bed has a tilt function, giving additional comfort options for patients. This function allows the mattress platform to be independently raised or lowered to any angle required.

The bed has been cycle tested 3000 times with its rated load to ensure it is reliable and safe. All testing of this bed has been carried out in accordance with Australian Standards and meets the requirements of the TGA.


  • Battery Backup
  • Under bed night light
  • Self-help Pole and bolt on socket
  • Clamp on bed stick
  • Mattress retainers
  • Alternative styles and colour head and foot boards
  • Three styles of corded remote handset controllers

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The Lucy Bed is a version of the Rose (II) Floorline bed that has been modified to meet the DHHS standard requirements for height adjustable beds for department managed accommodation services. For more information, go to our "NEWS" page.

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For details on the newly released Deutscher Bariatric Floorline Bed, click on our "News" tab. Or, download the following brochure BARIATRIC BED

Rose II Bed Floorline

Standards Compliance

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The Walmsley bed operates as a Hi-Low bed and, as an alternative to the standard size, a wider version is available for those wanting.

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