19 February 2016

In September 2015 the Department of Health & Human Service issued guidelines for the Standard requirements for height adjustable beds for department managed accommodation services.

In consultation with Occupational Therapists based in Melbourne, Deutscher Healthcare has released a suitable bed that meets these requirements.

To differentiate from the standard Rose Floorline bed, Deutscher Healthcare has named this bed, the "Lucy Bed".

The Lucy bed mattress base is available in either a standard size (900 x 1930mm) or a King Single size (1070 x 2030mm)

The major differences to the Standard Rose bed are:

  • The mattress platform can be raised to 750mm. (when fitted with a 150mm mattress, equals 900mm)
  • Mattress retainers are fitted on the centre panel.
  • Both head & foot boards are the full width of the bed.

Model numbers for these beds are:

            WMR1080LC                        Standard width Floorline Bed

            WMR1090LC                        King Single Floorline Bed.

The Lucy Bed comes standard with a control panel built into the foot end tower (for easy carer access) and a separate hand control with a built in CPR function.

It should be noted that these beds are fitted with slimline towers, which gives a more aesthetic appearance.

For further information contact Deutscher Healthcare  Ph 03 53395708, or alternatively email:

The Lucy bed has been designed, and is manufactured, here in Ballarat, Victoria

Accessories available with this bed include:

  • Clamp on Bed Stick.
  • Self help pole & clamp for mattress platform.
  • Overbed tables
  • Bedside cabinets.
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